About the curriculum

The curriculum will prepare the individuals for independent psychiatric practice. Each student will attain a holistic set of skills in psychiatric assessment, intervention and interpretation. Upon completion of the study, you will be capable of independent and critical reading and gain a good overview of professional and scientific literature, understand psychology as a scientific discipline and its inter-relation with other scientific disciplines.

We will acquaint you with the basic psychological processes. You will be able to communicate professionally in a foreign language and collaborate with your peers on an international level.

Duration of study

3 years

Form of study

Bachelor of Science (Bc.) – full-time

Place of study


Semester starts

September 26th

Your education investment

€ 1097 /semester

Target profession

The composition of the curriculum reflects the requirements of the first phase of preparation for the attainment of the European psychology certificate.

The future graduates of the program will be able to apply for the MA program in school and work psychology at the Faculty of Psychiatry, Pan-European University, in the specialization of general psychology or related social sciences.