About the curriculum

The aim of the program is to train specialists, giving them a good overview of history and the future of graphic design. In addition, they will become acquainted with contemporary photography genres, costume design, history of clothing and fashion, scenography and scenic architecture. Other areas they will come into contact with are history of theater, history of music and literature, visual communication, image design, photography, digital photographic post-production editing, television and film studio work, as well as dramaturgy. The students will hone in their presentation skills and strategies for contemporary entrepreneurship.

Duration of study

2 years

Form of study

Masters (MA) – Full-time

Place of study


Semester starts

September 26th

Your education investment

€ 1339 /semester

Target profession

The graduates will gain an expert overview of marketing, advertising and media design and learn the essentials of communication with clients and project presentation. We will exclusively help you grasp the essence of advertising, introduce its different models, delve into its taxonomy, go over the neurological principle, and gauge the effectiveness, engagement and importance of advertising strategies to reach your goals.