About the curriculum

The study program aims to prepare professionals and provide them with in-depth theoretical knowledge and practical skills for decision-making. It will prepare students for managerial roles in leading media or marketing teams and reacting to the latest trends in multimedia communication.

Duration of study

2 years

Form of study

Masters (MA) – Full-time

Place of study


Semester starts

September 26th

Your education investment

€ 1150/semester

Target profession

The graduates will have a good command of marketing communication (sales support, direct marketing, in-person sales, exhibits and expos), of effective communication with clients and project presentation. The skills gained over the course of study can be also applied in the field of European politics, the media, international media legislation, media research and public relations. The graduates will be well-versed in the latest trends in mass media (Internet and computer technology and graphics, multimedia), public speaking, economics, and the essentials of business and diplomacy.