Pan-European University is a private university with headquarters in Bratislava. Since its founding in 2004 it has attained a reputation as the most dynamically developing institution of university education in the region of Central Europe with an ambition of becoming the center for modern education and research. In 2006 it has successfully undergone the accreditation process, which has confirmed the high quality of its curriculum across all Faculties. As the only private University in Slovakia it holds the rights to offer studies at the Doctoral level. It has the authority to conduct rigorous, habilitation and appointing procedures for professors.

Pan-European University offers accredited study programs at the Bachelor and Masters through its Faculties of Law, Economics and Entrepreneurship, Mass media, Information Systems, and Psychology.

Why Pan-European University:

  • Quality 3-tier study programs, offered full-time
  • Practical orientation – high number of lecturers with experience outside of academia, education in foreign languages, preparation of the graduate’s for success on the labor market, new areas of study
  • Modern teaching methods and premises, custom-tailored approach vis-à-vis each student
  • Rich student life, school radio and newspaper, hockey team


For more than 16 years University College provides education to future specialists in the world of commerce. Presently, it is attended by approximately 2500 students. Since 2000 when it was founded, it has undergone marked development, providing top-notch education to many successful graduates. University College of Business is a private higher learning institution of a non-university type, offering education at the Bachelor and Masters levels in study fields of tourism, air transportation and human resources.

Why University College of Business:

  • Broad range of career opportunities thanks to unique fields of study
  • Education that is well suited for the professions on the market – over 300 leading academics and lecturers who are well known business personalities
  • 100% focus on studies, complemented by outstanding service for students and the best student information system in the Czech Republic.
  • Studies take place in the attractive and easily accessible center of Prague, at well-appointed venues and barrier-free access, all at one address.


A private college of non-university type, the College was formed by the joining of two higher learning institutions in Prague and Ostrava. Both have a combined presence on the market of 32 years and boast more than 10 000 graduates. In terms of the number of students, College of Entrepreneurship and Law ranks among the 5 largest in the Czech Republic. Presently, there are 1600 enrolled students. The College focuses on the so-called competitive education that puts emphasis on the practical utilization of the attained knowledge and skills and strives for zero unemployment of its graduates. The studies take place at campuses in Prague, Brno an Ostrava.

Why College of Entrepreneurship and Law:

  • Curriculum that suits all generations
  • All fields of study are uniquely combined to suit the present-day requirements of the competitive market.
  • Above-standard flexibility, great ability to accommodate the needs of the students.
  • Creative methods of learning, practical approach to education and personal approach to students.