Student Residence Slezská, part of the housing complex of the University of Entrepreneurship and Law a.s. is located in a pleasant and calm area of Silesian Ostrava and near the University. If you are planning to attend studies in our Moravian-Silesian metropolis, take advantage of affordable housing in these reconstructed premises with WiFi connection, 24 hour reception and free parking.
The guests of Student Residence Slezská can take advantage of an apartment with fully appointed kitchen, a refrigerator in every room, shower as well as a garden, perfect for outdoor grilling.
The cost of accommodation starts from € 2.60 to € 7 a night
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University dormitory of Czech Technical University in Prague,
Rooms with 1 to 3 beds. For an overview of individual dormitories, visit
The cost: from € 134 to € 400/person/month depending on the type of dormitory

Dormitories of Charles University
Rooms with 1– 5 beds
The cost: from € 96 – € 204/month/depending on room size

Dormitories of University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, Prague – Jižní Město,
Dormitories Volha
Rooms with 1 – 3 beds with shared restroom and shower
The cost: from €93/month/depending on room size
Dormitories Sázava
Rooms with 2 beds with shared restroom and shower
Accommodation made of 1 to 3 rooms per cluster that share a restroom and shower
The cost: from €93/month

Dormitory of the University of Economics Prague
The cost: from € 4 /person /night
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University Dormitories UNINOVA are located in a quiet, pleasant area, with problem-free parking directly on the campus. The dormitories come with barrier-free access and have capacity of 378 beds.
Cost: starting at € 6 to € 15 /person/ night
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