Academy Holding is a community of educational institutions with a portfolio spanning the College of Entrepreneurship and Law, Pan-European University in Bratislava, University College of Business in Prague and others of all educational levels located mainly in the Moravian-Silesian region. As of June 2016 it encompassed approximately 300 employees, 40 study disciplines, 7 thousand students, 30 thousand graduates and had a consolidated yearly turnover of 350 million CZK. It offers a broad range of formal and informal educational services reflecting the society’s transformation and the new requirements it brings.

The strategies behind the Academic Holding confirm the current trend with focus on the effectiveness in the organization of Universities with one particular aim: to lay the groundwork for a strong economic background for the curricula in order to raise the quality of education to prepare our students for their future professional life. Bringing together of several institutions of higher learning under the Academic Holding banner has as its aim to create a dominant educational institution of the Central European type, with emphasis among others, on shared educational programs, scientific research projects, publication activity and erudite academic staff. All this is driven by the society’s call for the interlinkage between the studies and their real-world application, involving a broad range of companies from the manufacturing and technical fields, as well as services.


The mission of the Academic Holding is the building of trust and highlighting the importance of investment in education as the life’s essential philosophy and the basis for success in life – all at a time of the transformation of the global society through educating and fostering a diverse enterprising individual, whose work will not be just thoughtlessly reproducible, and who will bear the responsibility for their place and contribution in life, while respecting the current as well as changing trends across the society’s endeavors. The Holding aims to fulfill its mission with social responsibility and with high demand placed on the key facilitators of the whole educational process – the teachers.

The vision of the Academic Holding is the establishment of a joint Pan-European University as a leader in private University education in the Czech-Slovak space and a dominant alternative to public university system with traditional forms of education. It is active in the capital cities of both countries, offering career and personal development services with a high added value.


Our curriculum of studies is different, reflects the times in which we are living, comes with high value added and places emphasis on skills.  It represents an alternative to classical education based on memorization and reproduction of information. It is intended for all those looking for an alternative and who want to attain the experience and skills necessary for their further professional and personal growth.

Our system of study is smart, offering the right tools to understand the changes underway brought about by changing technologies and the environment. At its core is active approach, teamwork and entrepreneurship.


  • We always start with career counselling, offering to our clients a broad portfolio of products closely linked with their future profession. Detailed information is available to students upon an individual meeting with a career counselor.
  • The principles of Smart Education are guaranteed by the company and its story. Each study program, specialization, course has an assigned guarantor company. Each educational product has its own academic and professional “face”. Thus, it is custom made for companies and reflects the requirements of a turbulent market.
  • Our students think globally. We are espousing an open education system without borders.
  • The educational process is incremental, credit-based and the credits attained can be used toward the individual’s further professional development. Each participant gradually forms his or her own knowledge profile by attaining new skills.
  • Smart Education is locally accessible, saves student time and is highly convenient thanks to mobile lecturers.
  • It uses modern communication technologies and virtual environment.
  • It supports networks and teamwork. The graduates form distinct groups within the Smart community.
  • Each product we offer has its rightful output and proof (a diploma, certificate, attestation).
  • We regularly gather feedback and evaluate the opinions of the participants in our Smart Education.
  • The curriculum of Smart Education is gradually accredited by its own authority within the Smart community.


  •  Selection of profession based on career diagnostics, the client assembles own education curriculum.
  • Pro-client approach to education
  • Courses based the principles of Smart Education.
  • Success on the job market, high earning potential of graduates.
  • Fast return on investment into education.
  • The client is an integral part of the community – during and after the completion of studies, emphasis on the social and societal dimension of study.
  • A high ratio of scientifically active expert lecturers to the student body.
  • Locally accessible education – we can accommodate even a single client.
  • We make creativity an integral part of our classes.